If you’d like to try an alternative to classic shisha, then Amfora is the perfect complement to your home.

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AMFORA hookahs – Turek, Buddha, Tortuga, and Dutchman. So similar but so different. Charismatic, stylish, timeless. Designed to fit naturally in your home interior. Created to give you the moments of relax, fun and inspiration. Choose your right piece and enjoy unforgettable smoking and visual experience with AMFORA!

The perfect
use of craft in the world of hookahs

AMFORA originated as a fusion of our two passions - hookah smoking and craft. We are sure that “traditional” does not mean “boring and out-of-date”, but “authentic and time-tested”. Our products demonstrate that combination of traditional crafts with modern design concepts may result in attractive items with improved functional characteristics. Discover the world of AMFORA and see for yourself!

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